Festival Location

Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center

Phone: 269 463-6315
FAX: 269 463-3767
web site: www.ronoralodge.com
Complete grounds map and driving directions to Ronora can be found at: www.ronoralodge.com/map
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.211502 | Longitude: -86.232874

Ronora is a rental facility including cabins and lodging for retreats, groups and more. There will also be tent camping and Small (pop-up) trailers at the Ronora site. The camp is nestled on 350 lovely, quiet acres in Southwestern Michigan for you to explore and enjoy. Come and browse through the photos...

Bedding and Linens:
All beds have comforters and pillows. Guests bring their own linens, or bundles can be provided at a one-time rental charge ($15 per bundle), which include: top sheet, bottom sheet, bath towel, and washcloth. All beds are twin (single) beds

Quiet, secluded setting
210 acres of nature preserve, forests, meadows, private lake, wetlands, and miles of nature trails. Outdoor areas for ceremonies, bonfires, sports, hiking, fishing, swimming and boating. Comfortable lodging for 1 to 100 people - intimate cabins and large family style housing.
Meeting spaces for groups. Kitchens in all cabins for those wishing to cook for themselves

Amenities: Ronora has many natural and man-made resources for events including:

  • shaded campsites
  • fully operational kitchens in every cabin
  • performance stage with electricity
  • a shelter house, dining hall with electricity, bathroom and showers
  • cold drinking water from our own well
  • a DNR fishing, canoeing and swimming lake
  • firewood available to purchase on site
  • restroom and shower house facilities
  • gravel roads
  • on-site parking lot
  • Ronora Rules
    1. General and Safety Regulations
    Use of the lake is permitted only in accordance with the Aquatic Activity Rules. NEVER swim alone, and
    NEVER use a boat without wearing a personal flotation device (life jacket). If a boat or personal flotation device is not functioning properly, notify Ronora staff and do not use it.
    Do not enter the horse pastures or attempt to pet or feed the horses. Avoid the electric fence around some pastures and on some fences. If you would like to interact more with the horses call the horse caretaker.
    Obey the No Smoking signs in public areas. Use ashtrays and butt cans, and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.
    Deposit trash in trash containers only. Bottles, cans, paper, unwaxed cardboard, and plastics can be recycled in the yellow recycle bins behind Chadwicke Hall. Trash bags can be deposited in the dumpster also behind Chadwicke Hall.
    Do not put tampons, cigarette butts, condoms, or anything else but toilet paper in the toilets. Our septic
    system can’t handle it. Use the trash containers provided.
    Do not approach or molest the wildlife. Report any animals that appear to be ill or acting strangely
    (particularly raccoon's out in the daytime) to the staff.
    No dogs or pets allowed. Certified service animals only.
    No illegal drugs are permitted at any time. No illegal feathers. Firearms, hunting, fireworks, or explosives are strictly prohibited.

    Fishing, Foraging & Planting

    No foraging is allowed on the grounds without prior approval of Ronora staff. Please ask permission before harvesting or planting at Ronora. Even well-intentioned unapproved plantings can endanger the ecology of Ronora. Fishing is permitted in the lake. You must have a current Michigan fishing license.

    Trash and Glass

    Keep your camp area cleared of trash and clutter. No cigarette butts or other debris is to be tossed on any part of the grounds. Glass is not allowed on any Ronora grounds. Please decant all beverages you will be bringing to the main fire circle into plastic containers.

    Garbage Removal

    Plan to remove all of your own trash from your campsite when you leave Ronora. We strongly encourage you to bring a majority of what will become trash in paper form as this can be burned on site. Personal garbage removal is required.

    lake Rules

    Rules for Aquatic Activities
    1. Lifeguards
    Lifeguards must be present for all swimming activities by user groups. Lifeguards will be provided by the user group sponsoring the activity, as specified in the User Agreement. Lifeguards provided by the user group must be certified as provided in the User Agreement, and there must be at least one for each 25 participants.
    For this purpose, a “user group” is an organized group of individuals sponsoring an activity, as opposed to an individual or family renting a lodge facility but not part of a larger group.
    Lifeguards must be present for all uses of boats by user groups unless waived by an all adult or family group as provided in the User Agreement.
    General Regulations
    Regulations are posted at the swimming area, and must be followed. In addition:
    · Horseplay, such as running, splashing, shoving, or dunking, is not permitted.
    · Swimming is allowed only between the beach and the floating dock.
    · No boats are permitted in the swimming area.
    · Diving is not permitted off the fixed dock.
    · Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on or in the lake area. Containers for food or beverages must be deposited in the trash
    · Throwing of objects, such as baseballs or rocks, is not permitted.
    · Do not bring bicycles onto the beach.
    · Swimmers should wear proper swimming attire, and change in their cabins before coming to the beach.
    · Do not swim at night, or when the area is closed.
    · Do not swim under the dock.
    · Fishing is permitted only in boats away from the swimming area, or when no swimming activity is
    · All persons using boats must wear personal flotation devices at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    · Return boats to the LEFT side of the dock (facing the water), not the right side. Return all oars, paddles,
    life jackets, etc., to the shed.

    Fire Tending

    The fire tenders around the main fire are trained and authorized by Chrysalis Moon, Inc. to work with the main sacred fire. Unless you are an authorized fire tender, please keep a safe distance from the sacred fire. Only approved Chrysalis Moon, Inc. fire tenders may handle fire wood or fire tending of the main fire. Do not burn any trash in the sacred fire.

    Service Animals

    Only doctor certified service animals are permitted at Ronora as long as they are leashed, controlled by a responsible adult, and kept quite, kept at a safe distance away from the main fire, workshop and food areas at all times. Service animal owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals. In the event that the pet policies are not followed, owners will be given 1 warning by Chrysalis Moon, Inc. staff. If a second infraction occurs, the Service animal and owner will be asked to leave the land immediately, and only the owner will be welcome to return.

    Choosing a Campsite

    Camping is permitted in nearly any suitable location throughout Ronora except for those areas specifically designated for vendors, area deemed unsuitable by management (such as those under construction) or where your campsite would be an obvious obstruction (in the middle of the road, or right in front of the main stage would be a bad idea). Also, please avoid setting up camp where it would block access to any of the shrines around Ronora. If you require electricity for a medical condition you will also be limited to a few campsites with power hookups. Please let the staff know if this is the case.

    Drum Etiquette

    Please be respectful of other people's items, especially drums and other instruments around the main fire. Please do not play other people's drums without permission, and do not set items on drums. Drums are not tables, and can be damaged by pressure, moisture, and rough objects. Drumming is allowed at all hours during a festival, provided it does not interfere with a scheduled event, like a quiet ritual.

    Chrysalis Moon Festival is NOT Clothing Optional

    Fire pits

    There are very few campsites with fire pits available at Ronora. Please do not create (dig)a new fire pit without prior permission from Ronora staff. It is highly recommended to bring a portable above ground fire bowl or pit if you plan to cook outdoors..

    Driving Directions

    Chicago, IL: 2 1/2 hours
    Fort Wayne, IN: 2 hours
    Indianapolis, IN: 3 hours
    From East, West or South: Get to I-94. Take I-94 to the Watervliet/Niles exit 41. Go North through Watervliet on M-140 to Dwight Boyer Road (about 3 miles). Turn right. Continue for about 1/2 mile up Dwight Boyer Road to the Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center entrance, marked with a large sign on your left. During high construction periods in the Chicago area, we recommend using the I-94 Skyway Toll Road for quicker travel.
    From the North: Take I-196 to M-140 exit 18. Take M-140 south to Dwight Boyer Road (about 12 miles). Turn left. Continue for about 1/2 mile up Dwight Boyer Road to the Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center entrance, marked with a large sign on your left.

    Dress: CM festival site is not clothing optional, nudity is not allowed.

    Cooking in your cabin:
    Each lodge house has a communal kitchen *You must bring and fix your own meals.
    If camping you will need a cooking/dining tent.

    There are several stores near by if your supplies run short.