Registration for Chrysalis Moon 2017 is now Opened. Festival dates: July 19 - 23, 2017

Purchasing a registration is considered acceptance, by the attendee, of all festival rules. Please read the rules before registering. When you arrive at the festival go to check in, you will be asked to sign a waiver and photo release for both Chrysalis Moon festival and Ronora if you have not done so prior.

Vending is Closed: you must be a full-festival registrant to vend.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to

Registering Online

You may register online by simply clicking on the registrants age group at the bottom of this page. All online transactions are done through PayPal.

There are several attendance packages to choose from, based on the age of the attendee and/or school attendance. At the bottom of this page these are displayed as separate products. To select one, simply open it in your current tab or a separate one. There, you will be able to select various options, such as your length of stay and if you will require electricity (medical necessity Only). Each package has a base price. Different options will add to or subtract from the price. All prices are explained in the price tables below. You may then add the registration to your shopping cart and check out.

If you are registering for multiple people, each person’s registration has to be filled out on its own (separately) and then added to the cart. You can add all of your registrations and check out all at once, or make multiple purchases as desired. In the shopping cart you will be able to change the options you selected.

At the bottom of the page you may also register as a vendor (2017 vending slots are free). This is necessary if you intend to vend at Chrysalis Moon Festival. You must be a registered and paid in full participant of the full festival to vend.

You will also find the "Hold My Spot" plan at the bottom of the page. The "Hold My Spot" plan can only be used for tent or trailer camping.

Also, we have a Payment Plan Option for Chrysalis Moon Festival 2017
To help ease the burden of coming up with the full amount of registration fees all at once, we have a payment plan option. If you choose this option, all rules must be adhered to with no objections.
The payment option rules:

  • The full amount of all registration fees will be divided into 3 (three) or 4 (four) equal parts. Your choice.
  • You must make the first payment when you choose the payment option.
  • Each payment is to be made monthly after choosing this option.
  • The first payment must be accompanied with all registration and signed waiver forms.
  • Pay Pal may be used to make payments.
  • Note: Your e-mail address must be clearly legible on the registration form. You will be reminded each month by e-mail prior to the payment due date.
  • Last date to take advantage of the payment plan option is March 01, 2017.
  • If final payment is not postmarked prior to last date of the third or forth consecutive month, all registration fees will be forfeit with no refund, no exceptions.

After registering, you may wish to consider applying to lead a workshop or ritual. You will find the link to do so on the right of all pages on the website.

Registering Offline via Snail-Mail

You will need to download a registration form, vendor form (if you intend to vend at Chrysalis Moon), and workshop form (if you would like to lead a workshop or ritual) and send it in along with your payment.

If you want to send your registration through snail mail, but still pay online via PayPal, you may do so as well. To send a PayPal payment, log into PayPal. Under "Buy" select "Make a Payment." In the form that follows, paste as the recipient. Hard copy Registration to include Photo Release and Waiver forms mailed to Joe Gladkowski following your Pay Pal payment.

Mail all forms and payments to:
Joe Gladkowski
1310 Clement St.
Joliet, IL 60435

Hold my Spot!

For tent, small trailers and pop-up campers only. CM is offering the option of putting a down payment on your festival participation. We know you’re busy, you’re broke but optimistic. Select this option for $30.00 and we will save you a space. Please remember the $30.00 is nonrefundable, and the full amount of all registration fees are due by June 15, 2017 or both fee and space will be forfeit with no exceptions.

When you purchase the Hold My Spot plan, you will be emailed a coupon. To redeem the Hold My Spot plan, register online as normal. Entering the coupon code, where indicated in the checkout process, will discount your $30.00 and lock you in at the admission rate at the time you purchased the Hold My Spot plan.

All Checks or money orders made to: Chrysalis Moon, Inc.

Snail Mail registration: Mail all forms and check/money order payments to:
Joe Gladkowski
1310 Clement St.
Joliet, IL 60435

CM Festival Cancellation/Refund Policy

Written/e-mail cancellation requests received by June 10, 2017 will be refunded in mid August minus half of the registration fee for processing. If request is made after June 10th there will be no refund granted.


Pricing is the same whether registering online or via snail mail. If registering online, it will be calculated for you as you select your options. If registering offline, you must calculate the price yourself on the downloaded forms.

Full Festival Registration

Registration for:

Lodge bed with amenities

Tent / small camper camping

One registration form per person--

adult or minor.

Circle your selection.

Adults (18+)




Ages 0 to 11



Ages 12 to 14



Ages 15 to17



Minors 0 to 17 must be accompanied by legal parent or guardian only!

College student w/ID



Electric availability is limited (see page 2) TOTAL amount for registration

Weekend Rates

Week End - Fri., Sat. & Sun. July 21 – 23, 2017 Lodge/bed and camping (tent or small camper)

Registration for

Lodge/ Bed

Subject to availability


Tent or small trailer

Adult 18+



Minor: 0 - 11



Minor: 12 - 14



Minor: 15 - 17



Minors 0 – 17 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian only!

College student w/ID



Day Pass only

Saturday July 22

Saturday day pass with Overnight July 22 - 23

(Tent or small trailer camping only)

Until July 10, 2017

Until July 10, 2017

Registration for

Sat. Only

Sat. Overnight Camping (Tent or small trailer)

Adult 18+



Minor: 0 - 11



Minor: 12 - 14



Minor: 15 - 17



Minors 0 – 17 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

College student 18+ w/i ID




Chrysalis Moon Festival T-shirt and Tank Top Pre-order (will be delivered on site)

T-shirts or tank tops are available in Green, White, & Tan. Prices vary depending on size.
List your order below, using one line per shirt.

Small to X-Large $12.00

2 XL to 3 XL $14.00

4XL & up $15.00

Style (T-shirt or Tank top)

Color (Green, White, Tan)


$ Amount

Total amount due