Children's Dragon Awakening Ritual
Ben Morgan

This Ritual will take place prior to the main ritual on Friday evening. It will allow children and those young at heart to awaken and unlock the power of their inner Dragon and summon their own Dragon Guardian to guide and protect them.

Ben Morgan is an easy going eclectic witch that just wants to have fun. Ben has been studying different world religions for 11 years and focusing on Metaphysics for about 5 of those. Ben also helped write the main ritual of CM 2015."
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Closing Ritual
Ladies Of the Blue Moon Circle

Ritual of thanksgiving and farewell, adding to the Spirit Bundle, releasing of Wards, blessings of land, safe travels, and celebration of Chrysalis Moons Community Spirit.

Facilitated by those in higher learning.
Main Ritual

Main Ritual:
Join us Friday for the Main Ritual. We will celebrate this year's CM theme, “Open the Gate to Extraordinary”. This will be a joyous ritual that will affirm the divine that lives within us and acts through us.

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Opening Ritual
Michele Polacek

Join us Wednesday evening for the Opening Ritual of the Chrysalis Moon Festival 2017, where we will honor and celebrate our 10th year, our continued growth. The theme for the ritual is "Open the Gate to Extraordinary".

Michele is an eclectic Wiccan who is drawn to Native American spirituality and Norse teachings. She has been a member of Phoenix Rising Temple for over ten years. Michele also is a member of the Midwest Pagan Council (PAN festival). She makes dream catchers, jewelry, and has been known to draw a picture or two. Michele also loves being out in nature alone, or with friends.