Artes And Craft
Artes and Craft
67103 Red Arrow Highway, Hartford, MI 49057 - 2 MILES FROM THE FESTIVAL!!

We are Michigan and Michiana's largest Pagan & Witchcraft destination. We specialize in unique items made by North American pagan and witchcraft artists and practitioners. Our huge apothecary is famous with over 170 fine herbs, incense resins and aromatic woods. We are also a Tarot specialist with 120+ decks in stock. We have the cheapest selection of Dryad Design, Maxine Miller and Derek Frost statues and altar adornments you will find anywhere. We have a large selection of tumbled and rough crystals. We have unique hand forged athames and other ritual tools. We carry a unique selection of books and specialize in the smaller hard to find talismatic publishers from Europe and the USA such as Troy Books, Avalonia, Three Hands Press, XOANON, Scarlet Imprint and more. We have Ren Faire and Steam Punk clothes and accessories and pagan wear. Also a large selection of candles, journals (many of which are hand made and unique), aromatherapy products, soaps and more made by famous pagan companies such as Twisted Willow, Sages Aromatherapy, Coventry Creations, Crystal Journeys. We also carry Hoodoo/Conjure powders, tinctures and oils -and products for working with the Yoruban Orishas..... Plus items for Ceremonial Magicians. And much more besides!

Avelyn's Grove
Amber Ferrebee
Elkhart, IN

Avelyn's Grove offers original artwork, hand painted wooden tiles, an assortment of gently used books, and a myriad of other bits.
Also offering Spontaneous Writing. Come by and suggest a theme and get an on the spot story or poem, which ever the Awen decides!

Book Signing by: Corvis, Starr, Drum & Amber
Corvis, Starr, Drum & Amber
Ronora Dining Hall

Visit the Authors and purchase one of their many books that will be on-hand. All books purchased will be personally signed by its authors.
Located in the dining hall. Hours to be posted.

Brittney's Bodyworks
Brittney Johnson, CMT
Ft. Wayne, IN

As a special service during the festival, Brittney will be offering massage, energy work, and aromatherapy. A custom blend for $15 will be created for your aromatherapy massage session and to take home afterwards. Massages are $50 per hour or $30 for 1/2 hour. See her bio in the festival on-site booklet for more information.

An appointment sheet, with times will be posted for sign up.
Please arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment to go over pertinent medical information.

Elfie's Hand Creations
Arwen Courtney
Ft. Wayne, IN

Cool tie dyes for everyone. Elfie will be offering a wide variety of really cool items from tapestries to pillow cases to t-shirts and skirts. Plenty of plus sizes available, limited smaller sizes. Find something to add color to your life!

ESU's Occult Emporium
Paul Howell
Collinsville, IL

Offering hand-crafted smudge fans, smudge shells, dream catchers, owl hangings, original paintings and sage. Also: incense, incense holders, and Wicca boxes

Food Service
Chef Terry
Indianapolis, IN

Chef Terry will be offering for your dining pleasure three prepared healthy and hearty meals each day of the festival with the exception of Wednesday morning and Thursday evening (Potluck night). Meals may be purchased in the dining hall prior to and during each serving time. Menus will be posted in the dining hall.

Gina Ruthe
Rockford, IL

Bellydance belts, jewelry, bags, Indian clothing, tapestries, sarongs, chair massage.

Devin & Ashley Hensley
Ft. Wayne, IN

New and used cards and card decks, books, handmade jewelry and accessories, homemade crafts and so much more!

Natural Selection Wellness and Beauty
Starr Morgayne
Ft. Wayne, IN

Salves, lotions, bath teas, herbal teas, extracts, ointments, scrubs, natural skin care products, herbs and books.

Rhiannon's Apothecary
Toledo, Ohio

Wild harvested herbs. Individually packaged and made into incenses and herbal teas. Therapeutic oils, handmade jewelry, candles, stones, pendulums, sarong pockets, Ogham and Futhark sets. Nine Woods Blessing kits, and all things witchy

Romani Ignis
Tyler Gentile
Crest Hill, IL

Various hand-forged goods made from metal ranging from blades to trinkets.

So Very Twisted
Vallie Hassett-Pringle
Hartford, MI

Jewelry, Art, Tarot/Oracle readings, and Crafts.

Taldish Castle
Shouting Mountain
Kira Anderson-Wilhoyt
Genoa City, WI

A castle wherein can be found witch hats, purses, bags, WereWigs, drums, crystal balls, goblets, tapestries, incense, et cetera.

The Magic Candle
Jan DeFerbrache
Indianapolis, IN

The Magic Candle is your one stop shop for all your Magical needs from jewelry to scents - and everything in between.

Troll and Fairy Creations
Joe Gladkowski
Janet Adams
Joliet, IL

Troll & Fairy Creations will be offering high quality hand-made Pagan and American Indian beaded articles, to include smudge fans, feathers and medicine bags. Hand beaded, leather wrapped crystal pendants. Hand-made Wooden Wands, Elder Futhark and Witch's rune sets, rune amulets, rune pouches. Colonial style candle lanterns, collapsible ritual altars and wooden camping tables. Arkansas crystal’s and hand-rolled Bees wax candles. Recycled materials are used in the creation of most items.

Wicked Treasure
Michelle Bergeron
Batesville, IN

Wickedly delightful, hand-crafted jewelry you will treasure. Jewelry inspired by nature or made to order.

Wolfmoon Arts
Dan Pierce
South Haven, Michigan

My motto is Creativity though sacred intentions. In jewelry making I use semi-precious stones, bone and some glass, deer antler and ceramic components. Many of my designs are inspired by Native American Culture and the Natural World. I also make Dream Catchers. Most of my designs are one of a kind and I often use components from older antique jewelry found at resale shops and broken jewelry, giving new life to the stones, crystals and metal findings. I tend to make pieces that have an organic feel to them. I especially like using copper because copper is a conduit of natural energy.

I use lot of semi-precious stones and crystals because I believe that there is great energy in them. The metaphysical lore and information regarding crystals and stones goes back 1000's of years into ancient times. Besides having special metaphysical properties, they are beautiful and enhance the look of the wearer. My designs are guaranteed and I will fix and return any item at my own expense. I also sell polished stones, things I have traded and other small items.

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