Aural Expansion: Getting Inside the Music
Rev. Amber D. Ferrebee

This workshop will explore the use of music as a meditation/trance induction tool. We will use active listening techniques to gradually expand our focus as we listen to pieces of music until we are enveloped in sound and sensation. This will aid participants in not only expanding their enjoyment of music, but also in entering into deep meditative or trance states.
Participants can take these new skills with them and deepen their usual mental discipline practice or just use them to find new dimensions to music they already love.

Wear Comfortable Clothing! You may want to bring a pillow, blanket, or other surface to lay or sit on during this class. This will take place in Grace in the Woods. Children 12 and older may attend as long as they are not disruptive.

Rev. Amber D. Ferrebee is a writer, artist, Ordained Priest of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF), and a Bardic Grade member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. She has lead workshops and facilitated rituals across the Midwest.
Aztec Creation Mythology
Melissa Lopez

Familiarize yourself with the unspoken knowledge of the Meshika(Aztec) mythology. Learn how the world was created according to the Meshikas and delve into their diverse pantheon to their infamous sacrificial rituals.

Melissa's path could be best described as agnostic shamanic and has a deep interest in her Meshika(Aztec) roots. An almost forgotten cultural history and mythology that she wants to insure will not become forgotten.
Blacksmithing through the ages.
Tyler Gentile

The aim of my workshop is to demonstrate the basics of working metal, and its importance in ancient to modern day civilization. It will cover topics from agriculture to the wheel, and weapons alike to convey how important metallurgy is to every day life.

Since I was young I have had a vast interest in history. My favorite historical period being the rise and fall of Rome (31BCE-476BCE). Eventually my interests in history peaked a curiosity for blacksmithing which I have practiced for 2 years. I find blacksmithing to be a mind and body experience that is beneficial to the spirit.
Changing the Focus of Circle Work
Rev. Jon Drum

What happens when we change the focus of ritual work from looking into the center of the ritual area to turning around and looking at the rest of the world? Discussing and working with the need to acknowledge the Gods found out in the Greater World.

See booklet for BIO.
Creating a Devotional Practice
Rev. Jon Drum

The creation of a devotional practice will be discussed, including the selection of a deity as the object of the devotion, the selection of when and where to do the devotional practice, the selection of offerings for the object of the devotion (yes, offerings to the one to whom we are devoted is required!)

Rev. Drum is a Senior Priest and Arch Druid of ADF (Ar nDraoicht Fein). Drum has been a member of ADF since its inception (30 years), Drum is an author (Arise from Vapours and Willow Flow), and has presented workshops and rituals in the United States, Canada, Australia. He is an Initiate of ADF, and a Druid Grade member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD), and a 3rd Order Druid of the Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA)
Don’t Tread on Me

“Don’t Tread on Me” is a workshop and brain-storming session on leaving less of a carbon footprint on the Earth Mother and living more “naturally”. Topics include making your own cleaning supplies, reusing and reducing what you use, and exchanging ideas about your thoughts and experiences.

Energy and Massage for Healing
Brittney Johnson, LMT

This workshop will take our knowledge of energy and the Chakras a step further! Prepare for a hands-on class where you will learn to palpate, send energy to specific points on the body for healing, and basic lymphatic drainage to promote healing and reduce inflammation (swelling). Pain relief without a pill!

Brittney has an Associates of applied science in Therapeutic Massage and has been practicing as a massage therapist since 2015. She is proficient in relaxation/Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Bio-mechanical release, Prenatal massage (2nd and 3rd trimester only), Sports Massage, Medical massage, Energy Work, and Aromatherapy.
Festival 101
Reverend Rita Harmon

The purpose of this workshop is to help you get familiar with festival etiquette -- what to expect and how to conduct yourself among the tribe. You will learn about the Do's, the Don'ts, and Safety during a festival. This workshop is a must for all first timers as well as very enlightening for old timers.

Rita comes from a Native American Shamanism background and majored in philosophy and theology in college. Rita is a registered nurse that specialized in critical care and then psychiatric nursing. She has studied with Dianic, Shamanistic, and spiritual practioners. Rita has been teaching at The Magic Candle for 11 years and teaches 2- year long Mystery Schools, Alchemy, History and Symbols classes.
Friends and Family CPR
Ruth Sutherland

Ruth will be facilitating a friends and family type of CPR which means no mouth-to-mouth, but we will work on dummies. This workshop could help you save a life. This is not a certification workshop; we will do that next year.
There will be a $5.00 fee to cover supplies which are a booklet and special gift. Class size will be limited to 6-8 participants per session.

Ruth has been in healthcare for over 30 years. She has taken several classes with Blue Moon Circle and is currently an assistant instructor in the Herb class. Ruth is an Earth child. As the only child of a Forester, trees and nature were her friends and life. She is of Irish and Northern European lineage; but feels a tug to the Native American culture. Ruth feels she is still finding her way wherever it may lead.
Incidental and Temporary Altars
Rev. Jon Drum

The creation of incidental and temporary altars in the world around us is discussed and demonstrated. These altars might be overlooked by most, but they exist and are vital nonetheless. These altars are temporary and are not expected to endure for long periods of time.

See booklet for BIO
Michele Polacek

Come and learn how to make a Native style dream catcher with Michele. Hoops, imitation sinew, leather, beads and feathers will be provided for a small fee of $5.00. If you have any charms or other special items you would like to include in your dream web, please bring them along. I will also have additional trinkets for $2.00 each. Limit 15 people.
Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Michele is an eclectic Wiccan who is drawn to Native American spirituality and Norse teachings. She has been a member of Phoenix Rising Temple for over ten years. Michele also is a member of the Midwest Pagan Council. She makes dream catchers, jewelry, and has been known to draw a picture or two. Michele also loves being out in nature alone, or with friends.
Rock Your Chakras
Brittney Johnson, LMT

Most people have heard of chakras, the energetic centers of our body. If you haven't, that's okay too! This workshop will not only go over the basics of chakras and what to use them for, but also the energetic flow throughout the body, and the body redundancy system.

Brittney is a massage therapist in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She has been doing energy work for 10+ years and massage since 2015. Besides the energetic and magickal arts, she enjoys friendly peoples and dancing around bonfires.
Satanism 101
Corvis Nocturnum

The basics of Satanism and how it applies in the real world. Speaking as a media representative of the Church of Satan, Corvis is also a member of their priesthood and can clear up a plethora of stereotypes and shatter the misconceptions.

See Booklet
So you want to be a Successful Writer
Corvis Nocturnum

Corvis explains his thoughts on being a writer, both the good and bad aspects in a raw and honest manner, techniques for publicity, how to market yourself, tips on promotion, the proper use of social media, tips for networking, public speaking, traditional publishing versus self-publishing , formatting and cover design, if you need a literary agent or not and lists of conventions to help you get exposure. Other topics are how to handle rejection, self-motivation, and improving your personal branding and outer appearance.

See Booklet
Tai Chi for Beginners through Experienced
Shouting Mountain

Have you ever wanted to participate in Tai Chi class or just see what it is about. Join Shouting Mountain as he guides Tai Chi for all, beginners through experienced.
Space is limited, sign up early.
Join in the experience, and get your Tai Chi on.

Shouting Mountain has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan as instructed by Marshall Ho'o for 6 years. He has found the 27 forms to be a valuable tool in disciplining the spirit and mind for psychic defense.
The Whole Ball of Wax - The Core Order of Ritual
Rev. Jon Drum

The What and Why of the Core Order of Ritual. Why are these items included in ADF ritual? Are there optional parts? What are they? Should they be optional? Who is the Earth Mother? Who are the Kindred’s?

See booklet for BIO
Tie Dye with Elfie

Elfie will provide all materials needed for dyeing up a shirt or other item. If you would like to bring your own shirt please have it washed beforehand, no fabric softener. If you need a shirt please e-mail: with subject line: TIE DYE at CM with your shirt size and how many. A few will be available on site outside of the ones reserved. Ones reserved or obtained from Elfie will be ready to dye. No soaking required.

Cost $4 of dyeing material's, if you provide your own shirt. $5 if getting it from Elfie

Arwen aka Elfie has been crafting for 20 plus years. She has been focusing on tye dye for the past 5 years. Elfie loves showing others her love of color and creating, and helping them bring out their own creativity. Let Elfie help you bring out your colorful side.
Using Herbs Magickally in the Kitchen

This workshop will discuss how to incorporate spell-work into cooking. We will be cooking in this class and we will use magic while we cook. Herbs add more than just flavor to what you do in the kitchen. Bring your apron!
This workshop will take place in the main dining hall kitchen before the Thursday evenings Pot Luck dinner. You will be helping prepare a vegetarian dish for the Pot Luck. All ingredients will be provided.

Rhiannon is a 4th generation herbalist.
What is a Materia Medica?
Starr Morgayne

Do you know what a Materia Medica is? Would you like to organize your herbal knowledge to make it easier to find and use? Come to this class to find some of the tools to help.

See Booklet
Yoga in the Morning
Janet Adams

Join Janet for a not-too-early, easy Yoga and stretching class. Wear clothes you that don't restrict you. Bring a mat, rug or towel (I have a few extra mats). All are welcome.
Space is limited, sign up early.

Janet has been studying yoga on and off for 20 years. She taught for several years at her church with the blessing of her teacher.